Forming Machine for Ceramic Tableware

Code : SKK HR B


Original : Japan

Model:  HR B 95 , HR B 76 , HR B 100

  • For Plate, Cup, Bowl, Mug
  • Original Japan
  • Semi-Automatic Type
  • Have machine in stock
  • This machine is suitable for produulion of many kinds with small quantity, and is made to shape not only plates in general but also pans, high footed plates, Japanese donburi bowls and many more. Especially, a lid of casserole and a foot of high footed plates which have a horn type knob and foot were turned after actual shaping in the past time. By this machine, they can be shaped in one action. Process of turning can be omitted. Therefore, loss of breakage and uneveness on turning work can be eliminated. This machine smoothly shapes items without resistance to plasticity of clay during shaping action. A dial temperature indicating controller adjusts temperature of a roller tool to suitable temperature by hand according to condition, nature and charactor of clay. Since vacuum holds a plaster mould to the jigger pot perfectly, during shaping, a high quality green ware can be produced. Even when the different sized wares are shaped at same time, suitable revolution for each roller head and spindle can be obtained as each roller head and spindle has its own motor to be driven.

    By installation of this machine in production line, enhancing quality, higher percentage of first grade products and higher productivity with easy handling can be expected.

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